• Question: if humans are evolving than what is happening to us and changing from us since 200.00 years ago

    Asked by alyshaattahhayford to Sara, Rachael, John Robert, Haihan, Gemma, Connie, Becky, Alison on 22 Jan 2014.
    • Photo: John Robert Davis

      John Robert Davis answered on 22 Jan 2014:

      200 years isn’t a long time in evolution. If you think about the average age humans have children (20s) then that is only 10 generations. Evolution happens on scales off thousands of years, over many generations. And it also requires some dramatic environmental or predatory changes as well. However, humans are still adapting to environmental pressures and therefore still evolving. One of the biggest challenges humans have faced recently is malaria. In populations were mosquitoes which carry malaria are common then there is a higher number of the population with sickle cell anaemia. This is due to sickle cell blood cells having increased resistance to malaria. This highlights that humans are still adapting to the environment, but often it is more than just how we look but how our cells do things.