• Question: HAve you ever made a tissue ina lab?

    Asked by edmond to Alison, Becky, Connie, Gemma, John Robert, Sara on 22 Jan 2014.
    • Photo: Constanze Ochmann

      Constanze Ochmann answered on 22 Jan 2014:

      I have made cardiomyocytes (heart muscle cells) in the lab (like the ones you have seen in the christmas lecture). They are really interesting and when they get older and develop further, they start beating..so freaky….and really cool!!
      I love seeing how your cells change and behave differently, every time amazing 🙂

    • Photo: Gemma Swiers

      Gemma Swiers answered on 22 Jan 2014:

      I am currently trying to make blood cells (not really a tissue, but as close as I’ll get) so in a way, yes!

    • Photo: John Robert Davis

      John Robert Davis answered on 24 Jan 2014:

      I work with Drosophila which already have every tissue type so I don’t need to try and make them.