• Question: Does the total cell number reduce as we get older?

    Asked by viciascience to Alison, Jean-Paul, Karolina, Matt, Rachael, Samantha, Vicky on 29 Dec 2013.
    • Photo: Karolina Chocian

      Karolina Chocian answered on 29 Dec 2013:

      To be honest- I have no idea:)
      But thinking about it- it old be quite a challange to count every cell in our body at every stage of life- and that depends on the person too (think about some body- builders- they must have more muscle cells!).
      I think the number of cells in an adult is relatively similar through most of our life- we do lose some neurons perhaps. I know it’s not a great answer, hope someone else can help you with it soon 🙂